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Change these sentences from active to passive.

People all over the world drink Coca Cola.Coca Cola all over the world.
My dad gave me a new ipod for my birthday.I a new ipod for my birthday.
No one found my keys.My keys .
Someone shot my great grandfather in the war.My great grandfather in the war.
They make lots of cars in Germany.Lots of cars in Germany.
A dog bit me when I was a child.I by a dog when I was a child.
The restaurant serves breakfast from 7.30 to 10. from 7.30 to 10.
My parents didn't allow me to smoke when I was a child. to smoke when I was a child.
Did Simon borrow your dictionary? by Simon?

Active or passive?

Choose the best word(s) to complete these sentences.

My brother dinner for me last night.
The telephone in Scotland.
America by Columbus.
We football after work yesterday.
When I crashed my car, I to hospital in an ambulance.
I any homework last night.
When ?