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(Not) as ... as ...

Exercise 1

Look at these pairs of sentences. Do they mean the same thing or are they different?samedifferent
England is colder than Spain. Spain isn't as hot as England.
American food isn't as expensive as English food. English food is more expensive than American.
My German isn't as good as yours. My German is better than yours.
I'm not as clever as you. You are more stupid than me.
My daughter is younger than yours. Your daughter isn't as old as mine.
Cats are better than dogs. Dogs aren't as good as cats.

Exercise 2

Now rewrite these sentences so they mean the same thing, using AS ... AS and one of the words in brackets ().

  1. Lions are more dangerous than monkeys.
    Monkeys aren't lions. (dangerous/safe)
  2. I'm healthier than you are.
    You aren't I am. (healthy/unhealthy)
  3. Greece is hotter than the UK.
    The UK isn't Greece. (hot/cold)
  4. My Spanish is worse than your French.
    My Spanish isn't your French. (bad/good)
  5. My sister is younger than I am.
    My sister isn't I am. (young/old)
  6. My garden is bigger than yours.
    Your garden isn't mine. (big/small)
  7. Sue's a better tennis player than John.
    John's not tennis player as Sue. (good/bad)
  8. Today is a nicer day than yesterday.
    Yesterday wasn't day as today. (nice/nasty)