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Continuous Passives

Active to Passive

Change these sentences from active to passive.

I think spies are watching my house.I think my house .
The teacher was punishing the children as I walked past.The children as I walked past.
The police are investigating the murder at the moment.The murder at the moment.
She thought someone was bullying her children at school.She thought her children at school.
The doctors are treating him for pneumonia.He for pneumonia.
Is anyone doing anything to protect the environment? to protect the environment?
Last year, Apple were selling IPADs for £500.Last year, IPADs for £500.
They aren't giving us enough information.We enough information.

Active or passive?

Choose the best word(s) to complete these sentences.

Not enough money on public transport anymore.
Football 500 years ago.
I think someone me home last night.
I three languages at the moment.
Where were you while the bank ?
My bedroom at the moment.
I when the train stopped.