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Get/Have something done

Active to Passive

Change these sentences from active to passive, using the word in brackets - do not change this word! Make sure you don't change the tense, either.

I paid someone to pierce my ears when I was 6. (HAD) I when I was 6.
I'm paying a mechanic to fix my car at the moment. (GETTING)I at the moment.
Have doctors removed your appendix? (HAD).Have ?
The supermarket delivers my shopping every week. (GET)I every week.
I'm going to pay someone to redecorate my kitchen. (HAVE)I'm redecorated.
The Mafia paid someone to kill the policeman. (HAD)The Mafia .
A painter has painted a picture of me and my family. (HAD)I of me and my family.
I need an optician to test my eyes.(GET)I need .