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Perfect Passives

Active to Passive

Change these sentences from active to passive.

Someone has shot the president!The president .
By 2050, scientists will have discovered a cure for cancer.By 2050, a cure for cancer .
By 1pm, the cleaners had cleaned all the hotel bedrooms.By 1pm, all the hotel bedrooms .
In 100 years, people will have forgotten Harry Potter.In 100 years, Harry Potter .
By 2040, the government will have banned smoking.By 2040, smoking completely.
People have played football for hundreds of years.Football for hundreds of years.
Has anyone ever sent you a Valentine's Day present? a Valentine's Day present?
By July, builders had built 10 houses in my street.By July, 10 houses in my street.

Active or passive?

Choose the best word(s) to complete these sentences.

By 1920, the first talking films .
I'm afraid all the food .
In 100 years, all the rainforests down.
I to swim by the time I was 8.
Alexander Fleming penicillin by the Second World War.
I hope aliens Earth before I die.
By the time I'd finished high school, I by almost all my teachers.