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The Present Perfect Simple or Continuous

Practice 1: Complete these sentences with the word(s) in brackets. Remember: present perfect simple for states, and present perfect continuous for actions.

  1. How long English? (you / study)
  2. him for a long time. (we / know)
  3. on his phone for hours. (he / talk)
  4. How long ill? (she / be)
  5. out together since they were 16. (they / go)
  6. much recently. (I / not / sleep )
  7. with my sister for a few days. (I / stay)
  8. on the computer for 4 hours. (he / play)
  9. chocolate cake. (I / always / love)
  10. How long that car? (you / have)

Practice 2: Past simple or present perfect?

  1. I in Father Christmas when I was 5. (believe)
  2. When to America? (you / go)
  3. Now I'm a teacher, but I as a shop assistant for 3 months at university. (work)
  4. I'm tired. I sleepy all week! (be)
  5. I these shoes last month. (buy)
  6. I Tom since 2001. (not see)

Do you want more practice? If you have 10 minutes free, click here to learn about other uses of the present perfect simple and present perfect continuous and to practise these.