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Reported Speech

Last month, Sarah told you about her new job. Now, you want to tell someone about Sarah's job. Change the sentences into reported speech.

  1. "Hi. Did you hear? I've got a new job!".
    Example: Sarah told me .

  1. "I left my job last week.
    She told me that she .
  2. "I'm starting my new job tomorrow."
    She told me that she day.
  3. "I'm really excited."
    She said really excited.
  4. "My salary will be much better".
    She said that much better.
  5. "I must buy a new suit before I start.
    She told a new suit before she started.
  6. "I haven't done this kind of job before."
    She said this kind of job before.
  7. "I want to get promoted really soon."
    She told promoted really soon.
  8. "I can't stop thinking about it.
    She said about it.

If you have made a mistake, check ...

  1. "She said that" = "She said" - the word that is not necessary.
  2. "She said ..." but "She told me ...". We say something, but we tell someone something.
  3. Change the tenses
  4. Change the people (I, my, their ...)
  5. Change the time expressions if necessary