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The Second Conditional

Practice 1: Complete these sentences with the past simple or would + verb.

  1. What if you lost your job? (you, do)
  2. If a wallet, would you keep it? (you, find)
  3. If you, he wouldn't keep buying you presents. (he, not, love)
  4. In what situation someone? (you, kill)
  5. that coat if I had more money. (I, buy)
  6. If we bought her a pet dog, do you think after it? (she, look)
  7. If on the moon, I don't know what I would eat. (I, live)
  8. If I made you a cup of tea, it. (you, not, drink)

Practice 2: First or Second Conditional? For each pair of sentences below, one could be a future possibility, and the other a present/future imaginary situation. Choose the correct tense to complete the sentences.

  1. He loves being a teacher, but if a doctor, more money.
  2. He's studying medicine. If a doctor, a lot of money.
  3. (he, become, earn)

  4. They want a dog, but they live in London. If in the country, a dog.
  5. They are thinking of moving to the country. If in the country, a dog.
  6. (they, live, buy)

  7. She's really tired. If out tonight, so tired tomorrow.
  8. She's really tired. If out every night, so tired all the time.
  9. (she, not go, not be)

  10. You're going to open a cake shop? Well, if these cakes, a fortune!
  11. Your home-made cakes are delicious. If them, a fortune!
  12. (you, sell, make)