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FCE practice

Come or Go?

Look at the examples in the picture, then choose come or go to complete the rules.

means to travel away from the place where you are speaking.

means to travel to the place where you are speaking.

also means to join the person you are talking to, away from the place where you are speaking.


Choose the best word to complete these sentences.

We're to the zoo tomorrow.

I'm living in London now. and visit me!

Would you like to to my party tonight?

I live in Germany, but I often to China on business.

We're having a great holiday in Greece. I'm so happy we here.

You've been very bad! to your room.

I'm really tired. I'm to bed.

We're going for a walk. Do you want to ?

back here right now!

That was a terrible holiday. I don't want to back there ever again.

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