Read about using verb patterns after prepositions and adjectives. Then, when you are ready, try these verb pattern practice exercises.

Preposition + Gerund

After a preposition, we always use a noun or the -ing form of a verb (the gerund). For example:

I'm very good at speaking English.

I went home after finishing my work.


Adjective + Infinitive

After many common adjectives, we often use to + verb (the infinitive). This isn't always true, but it is a useful, general rule. For example:

It's rude to eat with your mouth open.

It's difficult to remember all this grammar.

Preposition + gerund: advanced points

Don't forget that "to" can be a preposition as well as part of an infinitive. For example:

I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

I'm used to getting up early in the morning.

I object to smoking in public.

He confessed to stealing the money.

It's difficult to know when to is a preposition - just try to learn expressions like these when you see them.

Now, try these verb pattern practice exercises to test yourself on gerunds and infinitives with prepositions and adjectives.