Read about using the present simple. When you're ready, follow this link to practise using the present simple.

Using the present simple

She likes cake (present simple).We can use the present simple for ...

Present States and permanent situations - these are often general facts (not just true at the moment).

like cake.

This cake tastes delicious

Present Habits - a repeated action (with frequency time expressions: often, sometimes, every day, every week ...)

eat cake every day.

My sister sometimes buys me cake.


How to make the present simple

I / You / We / They
+ Positive They like cake
- Negative  They don't like cake
? Question Do they like cake?
He / She / It
+ Positive He likes cake
- Negative  He doesn't like cake
? Question Does he like cake?

Time expressions with present simple

When you are using present simple for present habits, remember to say how often it happens.

I go to the cinema. (this is strange, unless you are answering a question like "What do you usually do on Sundays?")

often go to the cinema.

I go to the cinema three times a week.

When we only use one word (never, rarely, sometimes, often, usually, always), it usually comes before the verb. When we use more than one word (every week, four times a month) it usually comes at the end of the sentence.

Other uses of Present Simple

Facts - we believe it always happens and will always be true.

The sun rises in the east.

'Scheduled' future events - something which we can see in a timetable (here a cinema guide).

The film starts at 6pm.

When you're ready, follow this link to practise using the present simple.