(You can learn about the difference between countable and uncountable nouns here.)

Practice 1: uncountable or plural noun?

Choose the best word to complete these sentences: is the noun uncountable (no -s) or should it be a plural, countable noun (-s).

  1. Teacher, can I have some more  ?
  2. Student    can be very cheap.
  3. There's always a lot of    around here
  4. I worry a lot about  .
  5. Could you give me some  ?
  6. I love your  .
  7. Would you like some  ?
  8. I need to buy some  .
  9. We do a lot of    at this university.
  10. I've got a lot of    to do tonight.

Practice 2: a or some?

Now try this exercise: choose 'a' if the noun is singular, and 'some' if it is uncountable.

  1. She gave me    really good advice.
  2. I've got    good idea.
  3. We need to make    plan for the weekend.
  4. I want to buy    new computer.
  5. Could you give me    information about this job?
  6. Will you help me move    furniture this weekend?
  7. I found    bag at the bus stop.
  8. I took    luggage on holiday with me.
  9. I'm looking for    new job.
  10. I really want to buy    new bike.

Practice 3: countable or uncountable?

Some nouns (for example the ones below) can be countable or uncountable, depending on the situation. Choose 'a' if you think it's countable, or '-' if you think it's uncountable.

  1. She's got   long, brown hair.
  2. I found   long, brown hair in my soup.
  3. I'm studying   business at university.
  4. I want to start   business one day.
  5. I saw   chicken in the garden.
  6. Shall we have   chicken for dinner tonight?
  7. I broke   glass this morning when I was washing up.
  8. This jewellery is made of   glass.
  9. If you want to get fit, you should do   exercise.
  10. This is   exercise to practise countable and uncountable nouns.