Learn about using reporting verbs.

Practice: using verb patterns with reporting verbs

Complete the sentences using the appropriate verb pattern so each pair has the same meaning. Use the same verb in both sentences, where possible.

Use a maximum of three words.

  1. She told me that she wouldn't give me any money.
    She refused me any money.
  2. He told me that he had stolen the car.
    He confessed the car.
  3. He threatened that he would kill me.
    He threatened me.
  4. She pretended that she was a doctor, and I believed her.
    She pretended a doctor, and I believed her.
  5. She said that I should study chemistry at university.
    She encouraged chemistry at university.
  6. He said it was my fault that the computer was broken.
    He blamed the computer.

Practice 2: more verb patterns with reporting verbs

Here is some more practice - again, use a maximum of three words.

  1. He told me not to forget to bring my swimming costume.
    He reminded my swimming costume.
  2. He asked me again and again if I would go out with him.
    He begged out with him.
  3. He agreed that he would do the washing up.
    He agreed the washing up.
  4. I asked him if he wanted to come to my party.
    I invited to my party.
  5. I told them I was sorry that I'd burnt the dinner.
    I apologised to them the dinner.
  6. He said it would be nice if we went skiing.
    He suggested skiing.
  7. He told me that I had to tidy my bedroom.
    He ordered my bedroom.
  8. He asked me if I could open the window.
    He asked the window.
  9. She said I shouldn't get angry.
    She advised me angry.