(You can learn about the different uses of will - the future simple - here.)

I'll help you wash up (future simple).

Practice 1: uses of the future simple

Look at the examples below and decide what will means in each sentence.

  1. I won't tell anyone your secret. 
  2. Be nice to me, or I'll tell mum you broke the mirror. 
  3. Ok mum, I'll go to bed after this cartoon. 
  4. It won't be easy for you to learn Chinese. 
  5. Will you lend me £10? 
  6. Shall we go to Paris for our next holiday? 
  7. You look tired. I'll make you a coffee. 

Practice 2: shall or will?

Choose the best word (shall or will) to complete the questions below. Remember shall is used with I and we to make suggestions and offers (not for predictions).

  1.   we order a pizza?
  2.   you be late again tonight?
  3.   he pass his driving test?
  4.   it rain at the weekend?
  5.   we need to take an umbrella with us?
  6.   I go to the supermarket after work?
  7.   we ever be rich?
  8. You look ill!   I call a doctor?