(You can learn about using verbs to talk about the future here.)

I want to watch a film tonight (future verbs).

Exercise 1

Choose the correct expression to complete these sentences.

  1.  on holiday.
  2.  your sister.
  3.  late tonight.
  4.  the next World Cup.
  5.  two more children.
  6.  you a postcard.

Exercise 2

Complete the following sentences with just one word - choose from these words:

is   be   unlikely   am   would   to   have   agreed

  1. I like to go to France next year.
  2. The train due to arrive in 10 minutes.
  3. I planning to have a party at the weekend.
  4. I hope to very rich one day.
  5. My boss has to give me a pay rise.
  6. I decided to quit my job.
  7. It's to snow this weekend.
  8. I want buy a house one day.