class dojo

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a great, free behaviour management tool which several of my primary school teacher friends use regularly. It is more suitable for younger learners than adults, but I have used it with adults to get them competing in teams throughout the whole lesson. You'll need them to buy into the 'cuteness' aspect of it.

ClassTools word or letter wheel

Letter Wheel has a nice customizable word wheel that you can save if you want to. I think it was designed to nominate random students for answers, but it has multiple uses:

  • pick letters for games such as scattegories (where students must think of a word starting with this letter for each category, e.g. food, animals, jobs, things in the garden and verbs beginning with B)
  • pick letters and students make sentences using as many words starting with this letter as possible (e.g. Basically, Bill bought a big book, but it wasn't the best = 7 pts for B)
  • review vocabulary - type in words from your lesson, spin the wheel and the students make an example sentence using that word
  • a scattegories variant - put in 10 or so categories (parts of a car, feelings, things in a river etc.), spin the wheel and students have to think of 5 things for that category
  • review collocations: put in fragments such as 'your homework', 'a mistake', 'a photo', spin the wheel and students give the collocations