tinyteflteacher santaI have used these ideas with levels from pre-intermediate to advanced (the vocabulary in the handouts isn't very challenging for advanced students, but the questions do generate a lot of discussion).

Christmas quiz

This quiz teaches Christmas vocabulary as well as providing a springboard for discussion of Christmas customs in different countries.

General knowledge Christmas vocabulary quiz (pdf)

Christmas present calculator

This is a speaking activity which usually generates lots of discussion and amusement. Students answer a questionnaire designed to calculate if they have been naughty or nice this year, and whether they deserve any presents. It's a Word document, so if you want to change any of my questions you can (you might decide that some are inappropriate for your class).

Christmas present discussion (doc)

Christmas advent calendar game (PowerPoint)

christmasThis activity will work with any handout that has 24 questions (or fewer) - perfect to review grammar/vocabulary at the end of term or to get feedback for a Christmas quiz.

Students answer the questions on the handout in small groups. Then, they take it in turns to choose a question to answer. If they answer correctly, they can open one of the doors in the advent calendar. If they find a present, they get one point. If they find any other Christmas pictures, they get nothing. The winners are the team with the most points at the end. Warning: you might want to turn off your speakers if you don't like the song 'jingle bells'.

Advent calendar (ppt)