Warmer (pre-int and above)

romance questionsWhile you are waiting for all your students to turn up, this IWB jigsaw is a nice warmer. Once they've completed the jigsaw (it's pretty simple), they discuss the question in small groups. Warning: Check it works on your computer first - at my work we're always finding websites have been blocked. Click on 'scatter' to restart the puzzle if necessary.

If you don't have an IWB, just write the question on the board, and elicit the eight things before discussing.

Romance Jigsaw Warmer (from Jigsaw Planet website)

Romance and love vocabulary (pre-int to intermediate)

Cut up the vocab cards and give a set to each group of students. Students put them in order for a typical relationship. Teacher monitors and helps with meanings and pronunciation.

As a follow up, you could play a defining game - students put the cards face down, pick up one and explain it - the others in their group guess which one.

Another possible follow-up is for students to work in small groups. Each student takes 5 cards at random and has to tell a story with them. Make it more challenging by getting the other students to say if it should be a happy/sad/frightening (insert other adjectives here!) story.

Romance vocabulary cards (pdf)

Love and marriage speaking questions (strong pre-int and above)

This activity comes with a little help from the lovely website ITESLJ conversation where kind hearted-teachers submit their questions on all sorts of subjects. I've just taken my favourites and put them on a pretty handout.

Students discuss the questions while you monitor and note mistakes. Conduct feedback at the end to correct mistakes in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Love and marriage speaking questions (pdf)

Matchmaking/Dating Agencies (elementary and above)

matchmaking activityThe main instructions are on the last page of the pdf below. Basically the students write a profile for various 'lonely hearts', and then try to find a partner for their creations from the other students' ideas. There's 20 characters to choose from (or you could make your own). If you want to avoid the romance element here, you could say it's a website for people who've just moved to town and are trying to make friends or find a flatmate.

Lonely hearts (match making) activity (pdf)