Once you get my students started on the topic of British food, there's no holding back. They are not impressed! Aside from philosophical discussions of which country has the best cuisine, or which pizza topping is best (which can surprisingly lead to some very long and involved discussions), here are some other ideas for food related language activities.

food pronunciationFood Pronunciation Quiz

English pronunciation is notoriously difficult as it bears little resemblance to spelling. Here, students practise identifying sounds in food vocabulary which many nationalities have trouble saying.

Food Pronunciation Quiz (pdf)

5-4-3-2-1 food vocabulary warmer

Students work in pairs/threes to brainstorm ...

  • Five adjectives to describe food (e.g. bitter)
  • Four verbs to describe how you cook food (e.g. fried)
  • Three types of unhealthy food
  • Two foods which are typical in the UK (not fish and chips!!!)
  • One dish which you are good at cooking.

food conversation handoutConversation Questions

I've used these questions with students from pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate. They work as a speaking fluency activity if you've just studied lots of vocabulary relating to food. In the pdf below the questions are provided as both a handout or as cards to cut up (if you have the time).

Food Conversation Questions (pdf)

Food Jokes

These work well as a warmer for higher levels (upper-intermediate and advanced). Tell students the first joke, and then laugh uproariously. They'll probably look at you blankly, and you'll need to then explain the "piece of cake" idiom but they will get the idea that these are supposed to be funny. Then give them the other jokes, with the food item removed, and see if they can match them to the food. You can find lots more food jokes all over the internet.

  1. Why did the student eat his homework? The teacher told him it was a piece of cake.
  2. Why don't you starve in a desert? A: Because of all the 'sand which is' there!
  3. What are twins' favourite fruit? Pears!
  4. The police found a man drowned in his muesli. Apparently, he was pulled under by a strong currant!
  5. What cheese do you use to persuade a bear to leave its cave? Camembert (come on bear!)