What's the difference between lend and borrow?

Look at these examples, then choose lend or borrow to complete the rules.

Can you lend me a pen?

Can I borrow a pen?

My sister lent me her car.

I borrowed my sister's car.

 means to take something (you will return it later).

 means to give someone something (they will return it later).


Choose the best word to complete these sentences.

    1. He  me his dictionary.
    2. Will you  me your bike?
    3. Can I  your hairbrush?
    4. Would you like to  this DVD?
    5. She can't  my car.
    6. He  her his umbrella.
    7. Please could you  me some money?
    8. I can't let you  any more money.
    9. Sarah  Tom's mobile phone
    10. I'd never let anyone  my toothbrush!