What's the difference between say and tell?

Look at these examples, then choose say or tell to complete the rules.

She said that she loved me.

She told me that she loved me.

 someone something.


We also use them in certain expressions:

 a lie / the truth

 a joke

 a story



 the difference between two things

 thank you


Choose the best word (say or tell) to complete these sentences.

  1. He  me that he was tired.
  2. He  that he was angry.
  3. He always  the truth.
  4. She's good at  jokes.
  5. Will you  me the answer?
  6. He didn't  why he wanted to talk to you.
  7. She  sorry, but I didn't believe her.
  8. He  me a very funny story.
  9. I can't  the difference between the twins.
  10. He left without  goodbye!