(You can learn about using 'be' in the past and present here.)

I'm happy (using be: am, is, are, was, were).

Practice 1: BE in the present

Type the best word (am, is or are) to complete these sentences.

  1. He French. He was born in Paris.
  2. They Japanese. They live in Tokyo.
  3. I married. My husband a teacher.
  4. My sister very young. She  5 years old.
  5. I like mice. I think they cute.
  6. England  a small country.

Practice 2: BE - past or present?

Choose the best word to complete these sentences.

  1. This is Andrea. She  my sister.
  2. They  late again last night.
  3. We  always tired these days.
  4. Your face is very white!  you ill?
  5. Please help me. I think I  lost.
  6. It  cold last December.
  7.  your brother still a student?