(You can learn about using the present perfect simple and continuous here.)

She's always loved rats (present perfect for ongoing states).

Practice 1: present perfect simple or continuous?

Choose the correct form (present perfect simple or continuous) to complete these sentences.

  1. How long English? (you / study)
  2. him for a long time. (we / know)
  3. on his phone for hours. (he / talk)
  4. How long ill? (she / be)
  5. out together since they were 16. (they / go)
  6. much recently. (I / not / sleep )
  7. with my sister for a few days. (I / stay)
  8. on the computer for 4 hours. (he / play)
  9. chocolate cake. (I / always / love)
  10. How long that car? (you / have)

Practice 2: past simple or present perfect?

Choose the correct form (past simple or present perfect) to complete these sentences.

  1. I in Father Christmas when I was 5. (believe)
  2. When to America? (you / go)
  3. Now I'm a teacher, but I as a shop assistant for 3 months at university. (work)
  4. I'm tired. I sleepy all week! (be)
  5. I these shoes last month. (buy)
  6. I Tom since 2001. (not see)