(You can learn about using the present perfect simple here.)

I've never visited Egypt (present perfect).

Practice 1: using the present perfect simple

Write these sentences using the present perfect. Remember that words like never, just and only are usually before the main verb.

  1. sushi? (you / eat / ever?)
  2. my keys. ( I / lose / never)
  3. this film three times. (She / see)
  4. this book. (I / read / never )
  5. football twice this year. (I / play / only)
  6. champagne. (They / drink / never)
  7. an accident? (she / have /ever?)
  8. his brother? (he / hit / ever?)
  9. this grammar before. (we / not / study)
  10. my wallet yet. (I / not / find)

Practice 2: been or gone?

Complete these sentences with one word. Remember: "He has gone to France" means he is still in France. "He has been to France" means that he went to France and came back - he has had this experience.

  1. We've never skiing.
  2. Tom's shopping. He'll be back soon.
  3. Have you ever to the opera?
  4. Where's your sister? Has she to work?
  5. You're late! Where have you ?