(You can learn about using the present continuous here.)

She's eating an apple (present continuous).

Practice 1: making the present continuous

Complete this letter using the present continuous (positive, negative and questions).


Dear Sarah

Thanks for your letter, it's great to hear from you again.

I (sit) outside in the garden at the moment while I (write) this letter. It's lovely and sunny, so I (wear) sunglasses and suntan lotion and I (drink) iced lemonade. I (plan) to relax all day today and do no work.

I (enjoy) myself here in London - there's lots to do. I (live) with some friends who (study) English with me. At the moment we (not go) to college because it's the holiday. We (go) shopping a lot instead. At the moment I (feel) a bit tired because I've been working very hard recently. My boyfriend (prepare) for an exam, so I (help) him to study for it. Poor George! He (not have) much fun with all the work!

What about you? What you (do) at the moment? you still (see) that tall, handsome guy? he still (talk) about buying a house with you?

Write and tell me all your news - I can't wait to hear from you.

Love, Susan.

Practice 2: present continuous or simple?

Choose the best form to complete the sentences below. You can read more about the present simple here.

  1. My sister  French at school this year.
  2. We  on holiday to Spain every year.
  3. The students  very well.
  4. Sarah usually  really hard, but not today.
  5.  a good book at the moment.
  6. I can't sleep because my neighbours  a loud party.
  7. He  for a new job
  8. My brother always  my birthday.
  9. What  ? It looks interesting.
  10. When  your homework?